Sometimes the difference between 1st and last place is not making mistakes. Don't make the mistake of overlooking your wiring and cooling systems. Cheap components and poor layout can cost you the win! Hoses and harnesses are one of the most critical/demanding components in your engine bay. With market leading crimping systems such as XRP, and racing level materials for hoses and electrical wiring we can ensure you don't get left behind.

Hose Crimping

Hoses are very often the place where people will cut on quality, if you want to avoid failure on the most important and demanding system in your engine bay, we have the complete XRP crimping tool system… The XRP product line is the best quality you can get on the market. For oil cooler hoses, fuel systems, cooling systems and boost control system, this product is the most reliable and light weight product on the market.

If you want a make sure you finish the race, make sure all fluid lines and connections are top quality, use XRP.

Computer Installation

We have the resources to install most ECU type computers and even plug-ins! So you can change your engine parameters and optimize your computer's storage capacity!

Custom Harness

We can handle the spinning of cars, snowmobile or even custom motorcycles. By creating a wiring harness from high quality materials you will be certain that your electrical system is as reliable as possible.


We can also program the onboard computers, pads or even the Dash you already own!