ECU Flashing

Building on years of tuning experience, we now provide ECU Flashing as an online service. Register, Shop, Flash. Within minutes you can boost your power sled, without any downtime, or rebuild, and costing far less.

Flash & Play

With the Precision EFI online licensing platform, you can browse our catalog of ECU flash images on our website, and with a few clicks download and flash to your power sled using our Raspberry Pi base flashing unit. No need for software installs, or special cables. Just plug into your standard CAN connector and our flashing unit downloads your licensed flash from our website wirelessly and automatically.

No Hassle

With our online flashing platform, there is no more downtime, you simply flash & play. You don't have to bring your power sled into the shop, you don't have to remove any parts and for beginner and intermediate power stages you don't have to add any parts. All of our flashes are designed to be not just competitive, but also deliver a fun ride. Its not just about big HP numbers, your ride smooth, reliably and end with a smile!


All flashes developed by Precision EFI are tested thoroughly before being added to our catalog. We know you need reliability and mistakes can cost you the win. We ensure maximum HP without cutting corners on engine safety or responsiveness.


Our online catalog of flashes includes pre-made images for easy flash & play, but we also plan to support customization. Our online ECU flash platform is designed to be modular from the ground up and allow for building custom flashes with user specific options.

Get Boosted!