Dynanometer Tuning

With over 20 years of experience in engine calibration we can take your CAR, MOTORBIKE or SNOWMOBILE, and in just a few hours we can make HUGE improvements. With years of calibration experience, we don't just focus on the peak numbers, we work to ensure your engine runs perfectly from idle to full power, ensuring that out on the track you can always count on your engine.

What is a Dynamometer?

The dynamometer can accurately measure the power your engine develops to the wheels. Equipped with hydraulic resistance unit to stabilize the engine speed, the dynamometer allows the engine to deliver to the limit of its power, while maintaining maximum durability. The dynamometer service is also available for motorcycles and snowmobiles! We offer several different kinds of dynamoeter:

  • Mustand 4WD Chassis dynamometer
  • DynoJet Eddy Current motorcycle dynamometer
  • DTS/SUPERFLOW Powermark engine dyno

Additional Services

For dynamometer, we offer several services:

  • Stand alone ecu installation and tuning
  • Power upgrade package development
  • Reflash development of oem engine control unit
  • Diagnostic


Minimum charge of $150 CAD to install vehicle on dyno $210/hour for dyno calibration

Chassis Dyno Services

Our Mustang MD 500 Chassis dynamometer is standard for race car department. We tune and test every competitive car on it. The 2500 WHP test capability makes it a perfect tool for the most demanding projects. With over 20 years of experience in engine calibration, we can calibrate any good quality engine management system. At Precision EFI we are not only focusing on the peak power, or big HP numbers, we always invest the extra time & effort to make sure the engine runs perfectly from idle to full power. A good engine calibration is the key to success.

With just a few hours on our dyno, we can make HUGE improvements on the power of the engine without changing any parts. The chassis dynamometer is very useful to test a race car before attempting a race, the only thing we can’t test on a chassis dyno is how your car handles in the corners. In the past 20 years, we have saved so many DNF just by investing an hour with the car on the dyno. Our testing goes beyond raw power though, Wheel bearings, drive axels, transmission, and brakes we can test all major systems, ensuring success on the track!

We also perform extremely well in every disciplines, Drag Racing, Drifting, road racing, Nascar and rallying. We have accumulated more wins in all those disciplines then any dyno shop in Canada. If you want the best, there is only one place to go...PRECISION EFI.

Dyno JetEddy Current Motorcycle dynamometer

At Precision EFI, we are equipped for dyno testing motorcycles. If you want to find out just how much power your bike is making before and after installing a performance package or you simply want it to run better, we can make it happen.

DTS/SUPERFLOW Powermark engine dyno

Our engine dyno is the ultimate tool for research and development. We mainly use the engine dyno for snowmobile, crate motors, NASCar engines etc. We develop and test all of our snowmobile products on this machine. We can simulate every situation a snowmobile engine will face in the comfort of our facility. With this machine, we can hold any engine in wide open throttle far longer than would be seen in an actual race.

With an advanced data acquisition system, every single aspect of the engine is monitored and recorded for further analysis. This gives us the ability to deliver performance above and beyond our competitors, performance that we pass on directly to you. Let us help you get to the top of the podium!